New York City: Apps

I don't typically use a lot of apps. I usually keep very few apps on my phone (mainly because I would rather have the storage space for pictures :)). But I ended up using a couple apps in New York that were SUPER helpful. So here are my top 4 apps to use in New York... Continue Reading →


New York City: Lodging and Transportation

A few months ago I saw something on Pinterest that said the cheapest time to book airline tickets is Tuesday at 3pm, 6 weeks before your departure date. I decided to put this to the test when we booked flights to NYC. I checked flight pricing once a week leading up to 6 weeks prior... Continue Reading →

Expect the Unexpected

It sounds cliché, but... Today's post is a bit more introspective than the usual. I've been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately because of some circumstances I'll relate soon. But here's the main idea: When you travel, sometimes unexpected things happen, and you have to decide how to react. In my experience, it's... Continue Reading →

Caroline and Kaycie’s Carry-On Bag Necessities

This week, we’re going to discuss a very important subject: carry-on bag necessities. Space is limited in carry-ons, so you need to make sure you bring all the necessities. Here are some of our top picks: Caroline Phone charger - I always make certain that I have my electronics and the appropriate charging cords in my... Continue Reading →

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