Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Recently, my friend Emmali had the brilliant idea that we should get tickets for the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes is held every year, usually around the start of the summer. If you have never been before, I highly recommend giving it a go next year! (And don’t worry if you... Continue Reading →


How to Plan a Perfect Girls’ Night

As a girl with three brothers, I love spending time with my boys; however, we all know that every once in a while, you just need a girls' night. Since we've been friends for a couple years, Kaycie and I have gotten pretty good at planning and carrying out great girls' nights. Now, one of... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Part II: Party Like a Pineapple

My mom and I LOVE to entertain, and we are always on the hunt for fun party ideas. A few months back I started to see a lot of cute stuff for a luau/pineapple party on Pinterest. While we were in Hawaii, we got a TON of great ideas and supplies to host the perfect... Continue Reading →

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