New York City: Food

One of my favorite things about traveling to a new place is being able to try lots of new foods! I love finding restaurants that are unique. (In other words, no McDonald’s when traveling!) Before going to New York I did lots of research on places to eat. I got some killer recommendations and ate... Continue Reading →


A Day on Balboa Island

Last week, my mom and I drove down to California for a few days. The main reason for our trip was to go to the Adele Live Concert (more to come on that soon), but we decided to go a few days early and ended up doing some super fun stuff that we have never... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Part II: Party Like a Pineapple

My mom and I LOVE to entertain, and we are always on the hunt for fun party ideas. A few months back I started to see a lot of cute stuff for a luau/pineapple party on Pinterest. While we were in Hawaii, we got a TON of great ideas and supplies to host the perfect... Continue Reading →

Eating Like a European: Macarons

I am excited to introduce a new segment here on At Home & Abroad: Eating like a European! Caroline and I both love European food (especially when it comes to pastries). One particular favorite of ours is French macarons, which is what I am going to be discussing today! If you have ever been to... Continue Reading →

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