London in 3.5 Days

During my recent Grand Tour of Europe, I spent a whirlwind 3.5-ish days in London. We flew from Salt Lake to London, leaving Utah in the evening of September 2 and arriving in London in the early afternoon of September 3. By the time we took the Heathrow Express into the city and got a... Continue Reading →


The Grand Tour: Two Weeks in Europe, Abbreviated

Hello again, dear reader. The time has finally come to talk about my trip to Europe! As you may imagine, a trip that spanned just over two weeks cannot be sufficiently covered in a single blog post. Over the next few weeks, I’ll talk more in depth about each of my destinations, but for now,... Continue Reading →

London and Paris with EF College Break

Last fall, I went on my first trip to Europe. I have talked about my trip a little bit here on At Home & Abroad, but the one thing I haven’t said much about is the company that I traveled with: EF College Break. I actually get a lot of messages and comments on my... Continue Reading →

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