New York City: Best Free Things

There are so many things to do in a city like New York, and the best part is that a lot of them are FREE! I put together a little list of some of my favorite free things I did while I was in New York City.

  1. Central Park – There is so much to do here! We visited on a Sunday afternoon so the park was really busy, with people everywhere. After being in the city for a few days, it was so refreshing to spend some time surrounded by nature…even if it is all manmade! I loved walking around and finding places from different movies and listening to street performers. It was a great place to people watch, soak up some sun, and just relax. You can wander on foot, or rent bikes if you want to see more of the Park faster. I also recommend enjoying a nice picnic while you’re there!
  2. Brooklyn Bridge – If you go to New York, you have to see the Brooklyn Bridge. We didn’t really do much in Brooklyn, but we did make it down to trek across the bridge (along with hundreds of other people). It was a holiday so maybe it isn’t usually as busy, but there were TONS of people there. This would be another fun thing to do if you wanted to rent a bike. I went on foot, but there is a path for walkers and a separate one for bikers. There was a nice breeze in the air and it was fun just walking from one end of the bridge to the other!Brooklyn Bridge--New York CityBrooklyn Bridge--New York City
  3. Upper East Side and Upper West Side – Both of these areas are really fun to explore. There are a lot of fun places and I liked just stumbling upon hidden treasures. The nice thing about Manhattan is that everything is so close together. We started on the Upper West Side and wandered around a little bit. Then we proceeded to head through Central Park for a bit and ended on the Upper East Side. The Upper East Side had a ton of little specialty shops – we walked into one store that only sold pillowcases!
  4. St. Patrick’s Cathedral – We visited St. Patrick’s on our first night in the city. After a long day of airports, subway rides, and sightseeing, we were both pretty exhausted. We walked into the cathedral and just sat in one of the pews for a solid 30 minutes. It was such a relaxing time. It was almost like we had stepped into a whole different world. The staff there were so friendly and nice, even though we walked in right at closing time. I highly recommend stopping by for a visit. 
  5. Trinity Church – We continued our visits to beautiful churches by visiting Trinity Church on Wall Street and Broadway. My main reason for visiting Trinity Church was to visit the graveyard and see the graves of Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton, and Angelica Schuyler Church (the obsession is real). We walked around the graveyard for a bit; they have a really cool monument for Revolutionary War Soldiers. The architecture of this church is amazing as well. It was a beautiful place to stop and sit for a bit. 
  6. 9/11 Memorial – This memorial is definitely worth a visit. The memorial is free, but you can buy a ticket to go to the museum. We went to the museum and I am glad we did; I will be talking more about the museum soon! The memorial itself is beautiful. While we were standing at the memorial, we noticed some of the names had flowers next to them, and we found out that every morning the staff at the memorial places those flowers in the names of the victims who have birthdays that day. It was a really moving tribute.img_1923-1
  7. Grand Central Station – Grand Central Terminal is truly spectacular. The architecture of the building is so detailed, and I loved the giant zodiac sign on the ceiling. There are shops and restaurants too. We spent a good amount of time at Grand Central because it was our main subway stop. On our very last day in the city, we grabbed some goodies from Magnolia Bakery and sat and did some people watching. Make sure you pay a visit, and bring your selfie stick!


So there you have it! These were some of my favorite free things that we did while we were in New York!


What are some of your favorite free things to do in New York?


Written by Kaycie Jordan.

*All photos in this blog article are taken by and property of Kaycie Jordan.


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