A Day on Balboa Island

Last week, my mom and I drove down to California for a few days. The main reason for our trip was to go to the Adele Live Concert (more to come on that soon), but we decided to go a few days early and ended up doing some super fun stuff that we have never done before.

Some of our neighbors suggested that we spend a day on Balboa Island. I am so glad we took their advice! Maybe I am just late to the party and everyone else already knows about this gem, but in case you don’t—Balboa Island needs to be on your list of things to do next time you are in California.

Balboa Island Ferry

We stayed in Anaheim the night before going to Balboa Island (you didn’t really think I would go all the way to California without making a quick stop at Disney, did you? ;)), so it took us about an hour to get from our hotel to Newport. We drove around for a few minutes looking for parking and ended up parking at Newport Beach. It was pretty inexpensive, in a great location, and there were tons of parking spaces there.

There was a cute little boardwalk area, and we found a little cafe and ordered some crepes. I consider myself something of a crepe enthusiast, and I was delighted by how amazing these crepes were. I am not kidding when I say they may have been just as good as the crepes in Paris!

To actually get to the Island from the beach side, you have to take the ferry. It costs $1 per person each way. You can even take your car across on the ferry if you want. We left the car behind because we didn’t want to worry about parking on the Island. There is a little walkway around the Island that goes past some of the cutest beach houses I have ever seen.

Balboa Island Boardwalk--California

We walked down to the main street areas where there are shops and lots of places to eat. We didn’t stop for food (we were still full of crepes), but we did snag a world-famous balboa bar and a frozen banana. Honestly, I wish I would have bought like 4 of each! The best part is that you can choose which toppings the bar is dipped in. We got peanuts on one side and butter brickle on the other. It was to die for!

After our ice cream, we peeked in a few of the shops. We were expecting the shops to be pricy, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that they weren’t. A bunch of the stores sell everything for under $18! We found some awesome deals!

My absolute favorite store was called Olive Oil & Beyond. Sadly, no photography was allowed inside! 😦 BUT let me just tell you that it was incredible! There were probably about 30 different kinds of olive oil and balsamic vinegars. The store owner picked out a few of the balsamic vinegars for us to try (raspberry, coconut, pineapple, and chocolate). I had no idea balsamic vinegar could taste so good. I kid you not, I could drink a whole cup of it.

Olive Oil & Beyond--Balboa Island--California

The owner of the shop was adorable. He told us all about their products – they manufacture everything themselves in Italy and then import it here to the US. I was super happy when he told us that he has a store in Park City, Utah!

After we finished our shopping, we hopped back on the ferry and spent the afternoon at the beach. It had been a long time since I was last at Newport Beach. It was a perfect 82 degrees and we loved sleeping and reading on the sand. The waves were huge the day we were mesmerized just watching them crash.

Newport Beach--California

I absolutely can’t wait till our next trip!

Written by Kaycie Jordan.

*All photos in this blog article are taken by and property of Kaycie Jordan.


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