Expect the Unexpected

It sounds cliché, but…

Today’s post is a bit more introspective than the usual. I’ve been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately because of some circumstances I’ll relate soon. But here’s the main idea: When you travel, sometimes unexpected things happen, and you have to decide how to react. In my experience, it’s best to just roll with the punches, so to speak, and make the best of what you have. In most cases, things could be much worse (you could still be at home instead of on a fabulous trip!), so just enjoy the ride!

The case study

Case in point: Last year, I traveled to France with my parents and one of my brothers for ten days. We spent most of the time in Paris, but we traveled to Normandy for a couple of days. On the first day, we visited the D-Day landing beaches (specifically Utah and Omaha Beaches), Pointe du Hoc, Arromanches artificial harbor, and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.

Normandy American Cemetery
The Normandy American Cemetery, overlooking Omaha Beach.

That night, we drove to a town just outside of Mont Saint-Michel so we could head there the next morning. When we arrived at our hotel for the evening, however, we discovered that a mishap had occurred in confirming the hotel room, and we no longer had a reservation there. The very accommodating hotel clerk helped us find an opening in another hotel nearby, so at nearly 11:00 pm, we headed to a different hotel.

While this situation wasn’t ideal (does anyone want to get to a hotel only to discover that they don’t have a reservation after all?), it ended up being a lovely experience. The hotel we moved to was quiet, comfortable, and quaint, and the owner who was good enough to open again late that night to let us in was so kind and interesting. He even gave flowers to me and my mom because it is a tradition to give lily of the valley flowers on May 1 in France.

Normandy lily of the valley
I did take a selfie with my lily of the valley…but I was in my pajamas. Please enjoy this photo sans me in pjs.

The heart of the matter

Overall, it was a great experience. And now…why is this on my mind? Some unexpected events have come up in my latest travel plans. My mom and I have been planning a trip to Europe in September, which includes stops in London and Rome before boarding a cruise to Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

Unfortunately, due to unrest in the area, our cruise line (and pretty much all other cruise lines as well) has removed Istanbul from our itinerary, and there is a chance that our other port in Turkey, Kuşadası (to go to Ephesus), might be exchanged for another port in Greece, too. My heart is a bit broken that I won’t be able to visit Istanbul, and I would love to see Ephesus – I would be crushed if that port is cancelled as well. However, these stops are being replaced with other great ports in Greece, and I’m ready to take the changes as they come. I’m excited to see what comes of it!

Written by Caroline Larson.

*All photos in this blog article are taken by and property of Caroline Larson.


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