Throwback Thursday: Roatán, Honduras

I’m excited to introduce a new series here on At Home & Abroad – Throwback Thursday! I know my posts thus far have focused on travel in the US, but I also love to travel internationally, and today I’m talking about a beautiful place I visited last spring: Roatán, Honduras.

In March 2015, I went on a cruise with one of my best friends. Writing about the entire cruise could be a book, so today I’m focusing on our visit to Roatán, which was our first port. Roatán is an island in the Caribbean off the northern coast of Honduras. This was our only port where we didn’t see any Maya ruins; we instead spent our time at a beautiful beach resort. The cruise was my first visit to Central America, and Roatán was the perfect start.

Port at Roatan Island
Pulling into port at Roatán Island.

When we disembarked, we walked through a bit of a tourist shopping area to a waiting bus, which drove us through the island to the resort. There was a changing area for us to change into our swim suits, a lounge chair on the beach for each of us, and a little restaurant.

Beach Chairs Roatan
Our lounge chairs with our matching beach bags.

This was one of the most beautiful, perfect beaches I have ever seen. The ocean was a lovely bright turquoise, the sand was soft, and the water was just the right temperature to cool us off without being cold. The water was also incredibly clear, and the gentle slope allowed us to wade out for quite a ways with the water around waist to chest height. We saw tropical fish swim by (we counted 12), as well as a starfish.

Roatan Island Beach

After enjoying the lovely water, we relaxed and read our books on the beach for a while. We also grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant, which was quite good. We sure were happy to see some Coca Cola!

Coca Cola Roatan

The resort had options for snorkeling and some other water activities, but we opted to just relax on the beach, enjoying the sun and the waves. Roatán was a great start to our cruise!

Beach Selfie at Roatan
Me and my lovely friend, Danielle, on the beach on Roatán Island!

Written by Caroline Larson.

*All photos in this blog article are taken by and property of Caroline Larson.


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