A Weekend in Bear Lake, Utah

One of the best things about living in Utah is that there are a lot of really fun things to do nearby. Recently, my family took a trip up to Bear Lake for a family reunion. It was the first time for my whole family, and lots of people gave us great recommendations on things to do.

Sadly, we were only there for the weekend and had to come back home Sunday night. But we used our time wisely and had so much fun. Here is a recap of my weekend getaway!

The Cabin in the Woods

Okay, so we weren’t actually staying in a creepy cabin, and we weren’t really in the woods either – it just sounded more intriguing! The cabin we stayed at was great. It was in a fantastic location, close to everything we wanted to do, and had a great view of the lake.

Bear Lake, Utah

We booked the cabin on VRBO (vacation rentals by owner), which is seriously fantastic. It was big enough to sleep the whole extended family, and everyone had a bed! If you have never been on VRBO before, I highly recommend it. Whenever we travel with big groups (such as extended family), we always look there because you can find good deals and usually save a lot of money in comparison to booking multiple hotel rooms.

Family Time, Bear Lake Reunion

Honestly, we would have had fun just staying at the cabin and hanging out, but of course, we were ready for some fun in the sun. Which brings me to my next topic…

The Lake

As I mentioned, I was a first timer here and I didn’t really know what to expect. I definitely was NOT expecting the water to be so warm and blue! It was beautiful.

Rendezvous Beach--Bear Lake

Both days we were there, we went to Rendezvous Beach (on recommendation from some close family friends) and it was a great recommendation. The beach was really big, and even though it was a bit crowded, we always found a space to spread out with all of our stuff. Plus, the beach had a gradual slope so there was plenty of shallow area where the younger kids could play.

Buried in Sand--Rendezvous Beach--Bear Lake

We planned ahead and some of my aunts and uncles rented some water toys to bring up with us. In the end we decided not to rent a boat or wave runners (next time I definitely would), but we did end up with a few paddleboards and kayaks. The Bear Lake area has a lot of local rental places, but we found it was a lot cheaper to rent stuff from closer to home than up there.

Rendezvous Beach--Bear Lake

The Food

The most important thing that you must know about Bear Lake (specifically, we were in the Garden City area) is that they are known for their raspberries, and they make a lot of delicious raspberry treats.

We went on a hunt our first day to find frozen chocolate-covered raspberries that a friend had told us about. We found them at The Chocolate Bear Gift Shop. They were delectable. Plus, the gift shop had tons of other fun treats – the kids were in heaven.

The Chocolate Bear Gift Shop Garden City, Bear Lake, UtahThe Chocolate Bear Gift Shop Garden City, Bear Lake, Utah

The second thing that we were told was an absolute must-try was a raspberry shake from one of the local greasy spoons. We tried out two different places.

-La Beau’s Drive-In: This was the highest recommended place. We got burgers, fries, and of course raspberry shakes.

La Beau's Drive-In, Garden City, Bear Lake, Utah

-Merlin’s Drive Inn: We stopped here on our way out of town and picked up another round of shakes.

Raspberry Shake, Merlin's Drive Inn, Garden City, Beark Lake, Utah

In my personal opinion, La Beau’s was better as far as taste, but the shakes at Merlin’s were definitely bigger. Both places had huge lines (I would say we waited about 45 minutes or so at both restaurants). You might think that 45 minutes is a long time to wait for a shake, but it is definitely worth the wait!

The Family Fun

All in all, we just had a great time being together. It isn’t often that we can get the whole family together (and even this time we were missing a few). Bear Lake was the perfect place to take a family vacation.

Rendezvous Beach--Bear Lake

I, for one, cannot wait to go back!


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