A Hidden Gem: Woodland, Utah

Today I would like to discuss with you one of Utah’s hidden gems: Woodland. Nestled in Utah’s Summit County, Woodland is a tiny town that’s surprisingly beautiful. My family heads to Woodland on occasion because my grandma grew up there (until her family moved when she was in the 8th grade) and my grandpa is buried in the Woodland Cemetery. On the 4th of July, we decided to head to Woodland in the afternoon.

Valley in Woodland, UT
The view of the valley from the Woodland Cemetery is breathtaking.

My grandma always visits around Memorial Day so we can go to the Woodland Cemetery, where my grandpa is buried, and the Francis Cemetery in nearby Kamas, where some of her other family members are buried. This year she was also in town on the Independence Day weekend because she had come for my brother’s wedding on July 1. Our little trip to Woodland on the 4th was perfect because it was much less crowded than Memorial Day and it’s a bit cooler in the mountains of Woodland than in Provo.

Kamas, UT Cemetery
The Francis Cemetery in Kamas, all decorated for Memorial Day.

My grandma also really enjoyed driving around Woodland after visiting the cemetery and telling us about where her family’s house was, where the church was, who her neighbors were, and more. It was so fun to hear about her childhood!

Old Winterton Home
The Old Winterton Home – My grandma remembers this being the fanciest house in the neighborhood.

Let me tell you why I love Woodland. It’s beautiful in a relaxing, welcoming sort of way. It’s stunning, but not intimidatingly so. At the 2000 census, the population was 335, so you can be sure it won’t be too crowded. Most of the people who live there are still part of industries like farming, cattle ranching, and lumber.

Woodland Fields

If you drive through Woodland, you’ll see lots of farms, a few houses and barns, and just a couple quaint stores and restaurants. Woodland is the perfect destination for a laid-back afternoon drive. It’s also close to Heber, so you can always head there for some food (my family likes going to Dairy Keen, or as we call it, “The Train Place”) or go on over to Park City for some shopping, concerts, or outdoor activities. In a nutshell, Woodland is lovely, quiet hidden gem!


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