Hawaii Part II: Party Like a Pineapple

My mom and I LOVE to entertain, and we are always on the hunt for fun party ideas. A few months back I started to see a lot of cute stuff for a luau/pineapple party on Pinterest. While we were in Hawaii, we got a TON of great ideas and supplies to host the perfect party.

My 22nd birthday just happened to be the week after we got back from our trip, so we decided to have a pineapple party to celebrate. The second week in June also happens to be the city celebration where I live, so they were doing a big fireworks show. We invited friends and family to come and celebrate with fun, fireworks, and lots of great food.

The Decorations:

Sarongs: When we went to the swap meet, my mom was on the hunt for colorful sarongs to use as tablecloths. The options were endless and we ended up with five of them. They looked great on the tables and added lots of color!

Party Like a Pineapple
Colorful sarongs, hula skirts and pineapple lights!

Sand: Did you even go to the beach if you don’t bring home a bottle of sand? My family always brings some home and we poured some into a vase to set on the serving table.

Party Like a Pineapple
My mom made the poster in the background!

Pineapple Tops: I thought this was the cutest idea. You can’t have a Hawaiian party without lots of pineapple. My mom had the genius idea to cut off the tops of the used pineapple and use it as decor.

Party Like a Pineapple

Tiki Torches: Every summer my family busts out the tiki torches. We love to sit out in the back yard as the sun sets with the tiki torches aglow! Of course we lit them up for our pineapple party!

Party Like a Pineapple

We also found lots of great Hawaiian-themed decor at the dollar store. I am pretty sure they bring out the luau supplies every year, but just for a limited time (usually May-Juneish time). So, if you think you might be hosting a Hawaiian party anytime soon, run and snag some supplies before they are gone!


The Menu:

My mom and I are both total foodies, so the menu is probably our top priority when planning an event! For this menu, we used lots of pineapple, coconut, and recreated some of our favorite things we ate on our trip. Here are a few of my favorites!

Aloha Chicken with Rice: In Hawaii we ate some of the most delicious chicken made by a nice Hawaiian man on the side of the road. I kid you not, it was AMAZING! My mom was determined to find out how to make it, and she hit the jackpot. The secret ingredient? Aloha Sauce. We had seen this a few different places in Hawaii. Sadly we only took carryon bags and couldn’t bring any home because the bottles were over the max 3oz. So, when we found some at World Market, we were downright jumping for joy!

Coconut Panna Cotta: One of my favorite treats to eat when I was younger was Russian Cream. My mom has a great recipe for it on her food blog, which you can find here. I requested it for my party, but she made a few adjustments to give it that island flavor (aka coconut). It was heavenly, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Party Like a Pineapple

Pineapple Coconut Trifle: Instead of a traditional birthday cake, we decided to make pineapple coconut trifle. It did not disappoint. With layers of crushed pineapple, homemade angel food cake, pudding, and topped with toasted coconut, it was love at first bite!

Party Like a Pineapple
Don’t mind the plastic wrap covering the top! haha

Fresh Pineapple: Are you sensing a theme yet? I am a bit of a pineapple girl! I was in heaven at the Dole Plantation. I wanted to bring all the pineapples home with me. Since we got home, my family is convinced that pineapple just tastes better in Hawaii, but we can settle for some juicy pineapple here in Utah!

If you are ever in need of a killer recipe, take a look at my mom’s blog, Gather Round Our Table. Everything is tried and true!

All in all, the party went great! We ate, celebrated, and ended the night with a spectacular fireworks show. Not to mention that it was almost like being back in Hawaii for a night. It was truly a great start to the summer!

Party Like a Pineapple

Written by Kaycie Jordan.

*All photos in this blog article are taken by and property of Kaycie Jordan.



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