Utah County Photo Shoots

One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures. I am always documenting everything I do and always have hundreds of pictures on my phone at any given time. I recently bought a new camera and have been itching to get out and shoot! I have a couple of senior sessions coming up and have been on the hunt for some good shooting locations nearby.


For the last couple of weeks, I have been hunting down the perfect spots in my free time. I borrowed one of my best friends, Emmali, and my two sisters, Taylor and Lyndsie, to be my models.

I ended up finding some great places to shoot and had some fun adventures with some of my favorite people!

1. Downtown Provo: The Downtown area in Provo is one of my absolute favorite spots to shoot. There are tons of cool little places, not to mention a great variety! From graffiti walls to historic buildings to water features–there is something for everyone!

I dragged my little sister Lyndsie over there with me to be my model a few weeks ago when the weather was good. We went over on a Sunday evening and it was perfect. Downtown Provo is a busy area during the rest of the week, so if you want less traffic and more privacy, I would recommend going on a Sunday.

We started at the Nu Skin Corporate offices. In the back, behind their building, they have some nice landscaping, a reflecting pool, and some other good features. This is also a great place to go if you want to get a good view of the LDS Provo City Center Temple. I work at Nu Skin and see people shooting here all the time!

Next up we journeyed across the street and found some fun places to shoot on Center Street. I loved the cool brick wall that we found on the corner of Center and 100 West. We also had fun just taking pictures from the sidewalk with all the cool buildings in the background!

Nu Skin Enterprises--Provo Utah

I seriously cannot tell you how much I love this area of Provo. It feels a little bit like my home away from home since I am over there so much. In addition to great shooting locations, there are tons of fun places to eat, concert venues, bakeries, ice cream shops, boutiques, and more in this part of town–but more on that later!

2. Eureka, Utah: For my next photo adventure, I found myself in Eureka, Utah. My mom has done some photography on the side for years, and this is one of her favorite spots to shoot. I grabbed my friend Emmali and we took a little drive down to check it out for ourselves.

Eureka is about an hour south of Provo (this location is actually in Juab County, just past the Utah County border), so we grabbed some drinks and snacks and headed out. I didn’t plan very well because the weather was horrible. It was rainy and windy the whole time we were there. But regardless of the cold, spending some bonding time with one of my best friends was well worth it!

We found TONS of fun places to shoot in the downtown area. There are a lot of abandoned buildings down there, which made for some cool shots. We even found a garbage can to act as a tripod so we could get a picture together!

Eurkea Utah

Because of the weather, the trip didn’t last very long. There is an abandoned reduction mill nearby that we wanted to see, but to get up to it, you have to hike for a bit and we weren’t really prepared to hike in the mud and rain.

I will definitely be heading back to Eureka soon for some more photo shoots (hopefully with better weather the second time around)!

3. Riverwoods Mall: The last stop on my photo tour was at Riverwoods Mall in Orem, Utah. Similar to Downtown Provo, there are lots of restaurants and shops. I love the atmosphere here. One of my favorite shots to get is this one:

Riverwoods Mall Orem Utah

I love the twinkle lights! If you are there in the evening, you can get some photos with the lights on, and they just look so pretty!

We also found a little alleyway with some really pretty vines–perfect for some great shots. We weren’t the only ones who had the idea to shoot here. I am pretty sure that we saw about four other groups out taking pictures!

You can also wander over to the Provo Beach Resort–they have a vintage VW bus out back that I absolutely love, and there are some other really fun spots around there. We had a really great time shooting here!

Whether you are a photographer or not, we would love to hear about your favorite local spots to shoot. So if you’re ever in need of something to do, grab some friends and a camera (you can even use your phone’s camera) and get out there and have a photo shoot! 🙂

Switching gears here for just a minute, we wanted to give our faithful readers a quick update about next week. We will be posting early next week (on Tuesday) instead of our normal post day (Thursday), because At Home & Abroad is going to DISNEYLAND!!! Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@athomeandabroad) to stay updated as we take on the happiest place on Earth! You’re going to want to make sure you are following us–we have some really exciting stuff planned for when we return!


Written by: Kaycie Jordan

*All photos and content in this blog article are taken by and property of Kaycie Jordan.


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