Tieks: A Review

The Quest

As a travel addict, I’m always on the lookout for good travel shoes. I have some Adidas flip-flops that I swear by as the most comfortable shoes I can find; whether I’m walking through Rome or spending the day at Disneyland, they’ve never let me down. My beloved flip-flops, however, aren’t optimal for when I’m interested in looking a bit more formal or polished. Consequently I have been searching for a comfortable yet cute pair of shoes that will be perfect for traveling, especially for my next trips to Europe.

The Decision

I originally saw Tieks ballet flats on Pinterest (you can check out my Pinterest account here) and was intrigued because they look fantastic, yet their fans swear by them as the most comfortable shoes one can own. Because Tieks are a bit more pricy than my average shoe, I did quite a bit of research before deciding to make a purchase (if you consider reading numerous blogs and reviews “research”). Tieks are made of Italian leather, are available in approximately a million stunning shades, and are designed to be durable and comfortable. I decided on Taupe because I wanted something neutral, and the color just looked so pretty.

The Arrival

New Tieks Blue Box
Look at this beautiful blue box with a perfect pink flower!

I certainly cannot complain about Tieks packaging. I was so excited when I saw the Tiek Blue box with the beautiful pink flower on top. (How did they know that pink is my favorite color?) The handwritten note was a lovely personal touch as well. And I love that the good people at Tieks think through so many details, including a bag for the Tieks as well as a bag for whatever more uncomfortable shoes I might be taking off to exchange for my Tieks. Of course Tieks flats fold perfectly in half, making them a dream to pack and carry as needed.

The Maiden Voyage

While Tieks ballet flats are cute enough that I could wear them every day – to work, out to dinner, out with friends, or wherever else I might go – I decided to try them out on a trip since I was hoping for a good travel shoe. My brother and I were planning a trip to Southern California, so I brought my Tieks along for our museum day.

Tieks Floor Mosaic
The Getty Villa has the perfect floor mosaics for taking great shots of my Tieks! And look at this color coordination!

My Tieks’ first itinerary called for a morning at the Getty Villa and an afternoon and evening at the Getty Center. This means I was standing and walking around museums for almost 12 hours straight. My shoes were SO comfortable. Even though it was my first time wearing them, my Tieks didn’t rub or feel like they needed to really be broken in, although I’m sure they’ll become even more comfortable as time goes on.

Taupe Tieks Floor Mosaic
Taupe Tieks match so many of the floor mosaics!

Plus my feet looked so cute! I like to wear something a little nicer than shorts and a t-shirt when I go to museums, and Tieks were the perfect solution for being both comfortable and stylish. Bonus: Taupe Tieks match everything in my wardrobe. I repeat, everything.

The Second Tieks Trial

My Tieks’ second major test came when I went to Phoenix last month. I wore these cute flats to the Phoenix Art Museum to see the “Michelangelo: Sacred and Profane” exhibition (and a good part of the rest of their collection). Again, I walked and stood for hours, and I have zero complaints about my Tieks. I’ve never worn such comfortable flats. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of my lovely Tieks during my Phoenix trip. My deepest apologies, dear reader.)

The Conclusion

As you can tell, the moral of this story is that I love my Tieks. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, but they are also very cute and I feel so stylish when I wear them. I’m excited to take them on all of my upcoming trips, and especially to Europe! I’m also looking forward to adding another color of Tieks to my collection – maybe Poppy or Ballerina Pink next?

Written by Caroline Larson.

All photos in this blog article are taken by and property of Caroline Larson.


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