Staycation: Salt Lake City March 2016

Today I am writing about staycations! For those of you not familiar with the term, a staycation is a vacation at home or near home. My most recent staycation involved spending a weekend in Salt Lake City, UT, with one of my best friends!

There are tons of staycation ideas online. (I mean, does Pinterest ever let us down?) From going on a tour of your own city, to cooking foods from around the world in the comfort of your own home, there are so many possibilities! Planning a staycation is the perfect way to “get away” for a little while, without actually going far or spending a lot of money.

Juggling work and school had me feeling a little overwhelmed last week, so I was super excited when my friend Emmali suggested a weekend in Salt Lake. We got online and booked an inexpensive hotel, packed an overnight bag, and headed north!

We didn’t really plan a whole lot because we both really just needed some relaxing time. I have to take a minute here and tell you all about the hotel that we stayed at. We tried out a newer hotel in Salt Lake City called Hyatt House. They have locations all over the US and even some internationally.

Hyatt House Downtown Salt Lake

The staff was super friendly, and the rooms were really clean and nice. They also had an amazing continental breakfast, complete with an omelette bar. I would highly recommend this hotel. We had a blast there and did NOT want to leave! It was fun to stay overnight somewhere away from home. We felt like we were really pampering ourselves!

Hyatt House Downtown Salt Lake
I couldn’t resist taking this picture! It all looked so pretty, not to mention it tasted amazing!

While we were up in Salt Lake, we decided to do a little shopping. We hit up City Creek Shopping Center, which wouldn’t be complete without our crazy shopping selfies! Ha!

City Creek Shopping Center Downtown Salt Lake
I won’t lie, I really loved the heart shaped sunglasses!

After shopping we decided to get some food. I always like to try new foods on a staycation — anything that is out of the ordinary for me. It’s really fun to look up local restaurants and give them a try! I especially think it’s fun to go places that you can only find in that particular location. We ended up getting some delicious Philly cheese-steak sandwiches.
We also stopped by at a local bakery called RubySnap. If you are ever in the Salt Lake area, you MUST check this place out. Their cookies are life changing! Make sure to try lots of samples so you can taste all of the different cookies before deciding which ones to buy!

We got back to our hotel in the early evening and then headed down to take a dip in the pool. It was a little chilly outside, but it was perfect for a dip in the hot tub. Not to mention the pool area was completely deserted. We stayed in the hot tub until our fingers and toes were pruny!

Hyatt House Downtown Salt Lake

After swimming, we turned on a movie and had a little pedicure party.

Hyatt House Downtown Salt Lake
Our Mini Pedicure station!

The plan was to stay up late, but after such a long week, I was out by 11pm! Ha! We slept in the next morning, and I woke up feeling relaxed and refreshed. It was just what I needed to push through to the end of my semester. That’s all I have for today, but never fear, because more staycation ideas will be coming your way here on At Home & Abroad!

Hyatt House Downtown Salt Lake


*All photos and content in this blog article are taken by and property of Kaycie Jordan.


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