Introducing At Home & Abroad

Thank you for visiting our website! We are Kaycie and Caroline — two girls who love to travel. We also like sharing our love for travel and the amazing places we visit, and so we have created this blog to share our adventures with you. Now, allow us to introduce ourselves!

Meet Kaycie

Hi there! I’m Kaycie, a 21-year-old (soon to be 22-year-old) marketing student at Utah Valley University. There are so many things I love to do, but traveling definitely tops the list. I love to explore new cities and to experience new cultures. I also love taking pictures and filming while I travel. No matter where I am, I can often be found behind a camera.

I have dreamed of travelling the world for as long as I can remember. I am especially drawn to European destinations. Last October, I was able to take my first international trip and spent some time in London and Paris. From the moment the plane landed, I knew that I would never want to stop travelling. I am always brainstorming where I want to go next and wish that I could travel full time. Maybe one day it will happen!

I love getting to know a new city. Someone once told me that when you arrive in a new city, hop on a bus and enjoy driving around for a bit to get oriented. This is some of the best travel advice I have been given; it really helps you get to know the city a different way. I like wandering around markets and neighborhoods that are off the beaten path, in addition to hitting all the “must-see” spots. I also love finding great places to eat…this might be the most important part!

When I am not travelling, I love crafting, reading, cooking, and finding small adventures nearby. I also have an addiction to Pinterest and spend more time there than I care to admit.

I look forward to documenting all my adventures and hope you will tag along!

Meet Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m 26 and I currently work as the editor-in-chief of a web development company. I earned my bachelor’s degree in art history and French at Brigham Young University and my master’s degree in art history at Florida State University. Needless to say, I love art, architecture, and history. I think that’s really where my love of travel stems from — going places to see the amazing works of art and architecture that I’ve studied. (I know you were wondering, so I’ll just let you know now that my favorite artist is Michelangelo. No contest.)

My addiction to international travel started when I was a junior in high school; I traveled to Italy for 15 days as part of a school tour group and absolutely fell in love. Since then, my life seems to be an endless quest to find my next destination. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel in Europe quite a bit, and I went to Central America for the first time in the spring of 2015. Next on my travel list: back to Italy for the 10 year anniversary of my first trip abroad!

When I travel, I love visiting museums, churches, monuments, and historical landmarks. I may or may not (okay, I definitely do) plan trips around museum exhibitions. Of course we can’t forget finding amazing places to eat as an important part of travel…and maybe enjoying a beautiful beach or two. I’m also passionate about languages; I love being able to communicate with people of different cultures in their native language. That being said, I’m fairly fluent in French and Italian, I know basic German, and I’m working on my Spanish skills. I love visiting new places, as well as visiting my old favorites.

When I’m not traveling, I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends and family (I have three brothers who are my best friends/bodyguards), and cooking. I have a slight Pinterest addiction, a moderate watch addiction, and a serious lip balm addiction. I absolutely love living in the beautiful mountains of Utah.

I’m excited to share my adventures with you!

Introducing: At Home & Abroad

We both truly wish that we had the time and means to travel full time. At this point in our lives, however, we cannot. Thus we have decided to share not only our travel adventures with you, but also our day-to-day endeavors at home. Whether we are sharing our latest trip to Europe, a fun road trip across the US, a quick weekend getaway, or what we’re up to when we’re at home, we look forward to bringing you along on the journey — both at home and abroad!

Written by Caroline Larson and Kaycie Jordan.


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